Friday, June 18, 2004

One of the most beautiful (and famous) gardens in the world: Monet's garden in Giverny . I don't know why but the photos I find in most of the websites look dull and boring, it may be that only going there for yourself or seeing it in a painting by Monet it is possible to see the beauty of it? If you have to visit one place in France, that should be it for me!

Uno de los jardines mas bellos (y famosos) del mundo : el jardin de la casa de Monet en Giverny . Curiosament, ni la pagina web oficial ni otras de aficionados le hacen justicia al jardin. Las fotos son horrorosas y descoloridas! Quiza es que solo se puede apreciar su gran belleza en persona o bien a traves de las obras de Monet? Si me dan a escoger un lugar, tan solo uno a visitar en Francia, tendria que ser Giverny!

The weather today:
Mostly Cloudy
UV Index: 3 Low
Wind: From the Northwest at 10 mph
Dew Point: 4C
Humidity: 42%
Visibility: 6 miles
Barometer: 1,007.1 mb

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