Monday, July 18, 2005

Today I've bought a paper shredder . No more setting fire to documents, receipts and invoices in the barbeque or tearing it in small pieces. Now I can go and buy the last Harry Potter book and shred it to bits. No, just joking. I may or I may not buy the last Potter. But if I were to buy it, I would read it and set it free using the Bookcrossing system. Last week I registered some books but didn't have time to release them in my city. Today I have received a private message from another Bookcrossing member asking me to let them have one of the available books by means of trading or paying for the postal cost. I have decided on the trading option. If the other member agrees, my book will travel to the US with the bookcrossing system. I like that. A travelling book.

Hoy he comprado una maquina destructora de documentos para el hogar. Se acabo el pegarle fuego a los documentos, tickets y facturas en la barbacoa o dedicarse a desmenuzarlo en pedacitos. Ahora ya puedo ir a comprar el ultimo libro de Harry Potter y hacerlo picadillo. No, es broma. Puede ser que compre el ultimo Potter o puede ser que no, pero si lo compro, lo leere y lo "liberare" usando el sistema Bookcrossing . La semana pasada registre unos libros en Bookcrossing pero aun no he tenido tiempo de 'liberarlos'. Otro miembro de Bookcrossing me envio un mensaje pidiendome uno de los libros, ya sea por intercambio o bien pagando los gastos de correo. He aceptado el intercambio. Si el otro miembro esta de acuerdo, mi libro viajara a los USA. No esta mal. Me gusta la idea. Libros viajeros.

The weather today:
Mostly Cloudy and Windy
UV Index: 4 Moderate
Wind: From the West Southwest at 23 mph
Dew Point: 14C
Humidity: 64%
Visibility:9 miles
Barometer: 1,008.1 mb

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