Friday, July 22, 2005

my pet!

Today I found out about adopting cyberpets like the duck above. You can adopt a customized pet (llama, bunny, cat, hedgehog, etc.) for free for your blog/website from Bunnyhero Labs . Oh and if you don't have a blog/website, you can always add it to your browser by following the instructions. Try other code options if you cannot see your pet after pasting the code to your blog. For pasting here as a blogger post, I had to use the "livejournal, deadjournal or greatestjournal" option. Try clicking on Flap the Duck above. It will open in a new page where you will be able to make Flap move around with your mouse and by clicking the mouse, Flap will quack too!

Acabo de descubrir como adoptar cyber-mascotas como el pato de arriba. Podeis adoptar una mascota personalizada (llama, conejo, gato, erizo, etc.) gratis para vuestro blog/pagina web en Bunnyhero Labs . Y si no teneis blog/pagina web, siempre podeis aniadirlo a vuestro buscador, siguiendo las instruciones. Si no veis vuestra mascota despues de pegar el codigo, pobrad otras opciones de codigo. Por ejemplo, para colgar la mascota aqui como un post de Blogger, tuve que usar el codigo para "livejournal, deadjournal or greatestjournal". Haced un click en el pato Flap. Os llevara a otra pagina web donde podeis mover a Flap con vuestro mouse y, con un click, oirle...cuack, cuack!

The weather today:
Partly Cloudy
UV Index:3 Moderate
Wind: From the North at 6 mph
Dew Point: 14°C
Humidity: 76%
Visibility: 7 miles
Barometer:1,016.6 m

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