Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On the way to Vegas/Camino de Las Vegas.

According to the Weather Channel , the weather in Lisbon during Easter (Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday) will be stormy, rainy and cloudy.
I am VERY pissed off. We've had crap weather for 3 months and now we are going to Portugal it is just the same! Crap! We should have gone to Las Vegas!!! I'm not travelling in Europe anymore. I'm fed up of it.

Segun el Weather Channel (canal del tiempo) , el pronostico metereologico para Semana Santa (Viernes, Sab, Dom, y Lunes) en Lisboa es a base de lluvia, nubes y tormentas. A la mierdaaaa! Llevamos tres meses de mal tiempo y ahora que vamos a Portugal resulta que es lo mismo! A tomar por culo! Ojala hubieramos ido a Las Vegas!!!! A mi no me vuelven a ver viajando por Europa, eso es seguro. Ya he tenido mas que bastante.

The weather today:
Mostly Cloudy
UV Index:1 Low
Wind: From the East Southeast at 20 mph
Dew Point: 4C
Visibility: 9 miles
Barometer:1,011.9 mb

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