Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I was supposed to go to the Post Office at lunchtime to collect a parcel. But I completely forgot about it because I went to the supermarket instead. See, I suddenly developed a mad love for doughnuts and olives. So I had to go and get 8 doughnuts and a jar of olives.Not that I am going to eat them at the same time, of course! And yes, this is the MOST interesting thing that has happened today!

A la hora de la comida se suponia que tenia que ir a la oficina de correos a recoger un paquete. Sin embargo, me olvide de ir a correos y fui al supermercado. Porque, de golpe y porrazo, se me ocurrio que necesitaba donuts y aceitunas. Asi que no habia otra opcion, TENIA que ir al super y comprar 8 donuts y un tarro de aceitunas. No es que me lo vaya a comer todo al mismo tiempo, no he llegado a ese punto de locura..aun. Y si...esto es lo MAS interesante que me ha pasado hoy!

The weather today:
Mostly Cloudy
UV Index:0 Low
Wind:From the North at 7 mph
Dew Point:1°C
Visibility:6 miles
Barometer:1,031.8 mb

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