Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some governments are becoming incredibly paranoid. Take for instance the case of Italy, where a new law has been established, affecting internet users. Any person wanting to use an internet cafe in Italy will have to show and have their passport registered by the cafe owners, as explained in The Guardian's article : Passport to Surf . And I wonder, what's next? The same law for all European countries? And how about tatooing passport numbers in the citizen's arms? Nazy-style, why not, after all this is Europe, we have a lot of experience, History is there to help us! If this is what the EU Constitution is, this Constituion some still want us to adopt, no matter what, then let me tell you: you can keep your precious Europe. I'm out of here.

La paranoia de algunos gobiernos ha llegado a limites insospechados. Segun una nueva ley italiana, los internautas que deseen usar los servicios de un internet cafe tendran que mostar su pasaporte, segun informa The Guardian en este articulo : "Passport to Surf". Y lo proximo que sera? La misma ley a nivel europeo? Y luego, por que no hacer que cada ciudadano tenga que tatuarse el numero de pasaporte en el brazo? Al estilo nazi, que para eso estamos en Europa, no? Ya tenemos experiencia, para eso esta la Historia, para ayudarnos a oprimir. Si esa Constitucion Europea que algunos aun desean imponer se basa en esto, se lo digo bien claro: metanse Europa donde les quepa, que yo me largo.

The weather today:
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