Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I've spent a couple of hours surfing the net looking for cheap car hire for our next trip to the US in December-January. I have now realised that up to two weeks the prices are more or less bearable but more than that, the car rental companies charge you A LOT! We booked flight+car with Expedia the last time we went to the US. The price was quite reasonable. I've tried Expedia again but I dont' get any availability for any US city at all! Now that is strange. Anyway, see below some prices I've been finding for a 19 day car rental in Dec-Jan... :
Economy car 2dr auto a/c.....419 GBP
Compact 2dr auto a/c.........476.87 GBP
Intermediate 2dr auto a/c....527 GBP
All prices fully inclusive unlimited mileage, third party insurance, cdw, theft waiver, surcharge, bail bonds and all local taxes.

All States Car Hire :
Compact 2dr.........414 GBP
Intermediate 2dr....462 GBP
Full Size 2dr.......504 GBP
Included in Silver package: Unlimited mileage, minimum state liability insurance, loss damage waiver, suppl.liability insurance, uninsured motorist protection, local taxes, airport fees and 1 extra driver free of charge.

Holyday Autos :
Economy 2dr auto a/c.......419 GBP
Compact 2dr auto a/c.......476.87 GBP
Intermediate 2dr auto a/c..527 GBP
All prices fully inclusive of unlimited mileage, loss damage waiver, suppl. liability insurance, handling fees, local taxes, airport fees and environmental taxes
You will get the same prices if you check at CarHire, as it is also Holiday Autos.

Car Rentals:
Economy 2dr auto ac......419 GBP
Compact 2dr auto a/c.....476.87 GBP
Intermediate 2dr auto a/c...527 GBP
It includes the same as Holiday Autos. In fact, I have the suspicion it is Holiday Autos with another name, as they have exactly the SAME prices!

I have also checked Yes Car Hire which gives me a Compact 2dr car fro 419 GBP with the Silver inclusive package, which is not that bad. And Secure UK Car Rental which offers a Compact 2dr car for 567.10 GBP. I have also checked the major rental companies, but the prices are very very expensive. I won't bother writing them down here.

Conclusion! There is no real competition as you can see when you compare the prices quoted by the different companies. Some companies seem cheaper , like All States, but I think it is because, for them, an 'Economy' car is a 'Compact'. So you think you are getting a better car but you are not. It is just a question of changing the categories' names. So I keep looking for a cheap and wonderful car...

Me he pasado un par de horas surfeando la net buscando coche de alquiler barato para nuestro proximo viaje a los USA en Diciembre-Enero. Me he dado cuenta de que los precios son razonables si alquilas por un periodo de hasta 2 semanas. A la que se pasa de 2 semanas, los precios son exhorbitantes. La ultima vez que estuvimos en USA contratamos el vuelo y el coche de alquiler con Expedia y nos salio bastante barato. Esta vez, Expedia no me da opcion de alquilar coche a ninguna ciudad de USA. Que raro! Asi que he buscado otras empresas y ya veis los precios arriba, para 19 dias de alquiler de coche en Diciembre-Enero.

Ademas de los de arriba, tambien he buscado en Yes Car Hire que ofrece un Compact 2 puertas automatico por 419 GBP con la cobertura Silver, que no esta mal. Y Secure UK Car Rental , que ofrece el mismo tipo de coche por 567.10 GBP. No me he olvidado de buscar precio en las principales empresas de alquiler de coches, pero ni los menciono porque daban miedo.

En conclusion : No hay competicion autentica entre las empresas de alquiler de coches. Ya veis que los precios son muy muy parecidos. En algunos casos son exactamente los mismos precios! Y si aparece algo que parece un chollo, como All States, resulta que es porque el coche de categoria 'Economy' han decidido llamarlo 'Compact', asi que parece que te esten dando un coche superior pero es solo una cuestion de cambiar los nombres de las categorias. Asi que sigo buscando...

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